Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

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Game Overview

Hold it! Here comes Justice!

Experience the popular Ace Attorney series as a rookie lawyer in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney now on the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS™! Step into the shoes of a young and passionate Apollo Justice in his early law career as he takes on his first case. With the help of Trucy Wright, a talented magician who is also his assistant, and his level-headed mentor, Kristoph Gavin, the team will seek to reveal the truth in criminal trials. Apollo’s undeniable skills in uncovering lies by analyzing witness’ body language and years of invaluable advice from his mentor will be put to test when he faces a dashing rival prosecutor named Klavier Gavin. With special appearances from well-known characters such as Phoenix Wright and Ema Skye, players will have an adventure filled with dramatic cases, jaw-dropping events, and a chance to defend their clients at all costs!

Players will utilize the Touch Screen to maneuver their way through crime scenes, interview witnesses with amusing dialogue, and collect vital evidence using forensic science by dusting for prints or testing for traces of blood and present them in the courtroom. Experience challenging puzzles and thrilling stories that will have you at the edge of your seat! The courtroom awaits you, download today!

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: Nov 21, 2017
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Adventure
  • Publisher: Capcom



By bringing Apollo Justice to 3DS, every main title in the Ace Attorney series is now readily available to fans looking to dive into court cases on the handheld. Upgraded audio and visuals make this more beautiful than ever, even trumping the work done on the original trilogy’s remake for 3DS. Fans of the series will be satisfied to know that the effort put into this remake is well worth picking it up again and players who haven’t been able to play this middle entry prior now have easy access to one of the early turning points in the series. Although it was a nine year wait, it’s more than satisfying to enjoy Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney once again looking as great as can be. -Hardcore Gamer

If you haven’t played this game since the original DS version launched back in 2007 or never experienced the game to begin with, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up an essential chapter in a beloved franchise. If you’ve never played any Ace Attorney games before at all, Hold It!! What are you doing reading this review? Go pick up the Phoenix Wright trilogy on the eShop first, and then we’ll talk. -NintendoWorldReport

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney remains as fun today as it was on Nintendo DS, improved with manual text scrolling right out of the gates and improved visuals. The storyline will grip you from beginning to end, with a satisfying payoff that really helps bring things to a proper climax. 3DS might be long in the tooth, but the quality of software that continues to hit the platform is keeping the platform feeling fresh. -Nintendojo

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney a great remastered version of the original DS title and offers some few but great additions that make it feel like a more full package. That said and aside from the obvious graphic improvement the game is, for better or worse, the same title that many remember from 10 years ago. -Atomix

Apollo Justice for the 3DS isn’t leaps and bounds better than the original with only a handful of meaningful updates to justify its re-release, but it stands as the definitive way to experience the classic misadventures of Apollo and Trucy. -ZTGD

Gameplay Video


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