River City: Rival Showdown

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Game Overview

Big Trouble in River City!

Mystery is afoot once again for Kunio and his River City pals! One night, Kunio is attacked by two mysterious individuals. On top of that, Riki’s girlfriend has disappeared, and it’s up to Kunio to find out the truth! Kunio has just 3 days to unravel the mystery, and he’ll need your help to take down all who stand in his way!

  • Different Story Paths and Different Endings!
  • Bonus Double Dragon Fighting Game Included!
  • 2 Player Local Co-Op Play! Grab a friend and team up together!

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: Nov 21, 2017
  • No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous
  • Category: Fighting, Action, Adventure, Role-Playing
  • Publisher: Natsume
  • Developer: Arc System Works Co., Ltd.



River City: Rival Showdown is a safe bet for those who enjoyed previous River City games. The three day time period translates to a roughly four or five hour game, but the brevity works in its favor since it can be replayed on New Game Plus for different endings. For those unfamiliar with River City, it’s a simple beat ’em up with an RPG equipment and stat progression system. It’s as old school as they come, but with quick pacing and a sense of humor, it’s a title any retro gamer should check out. Mainline River City games haven’t drastically changed their basic formula since their inception, but if they keep making them as fun as this title, they really don’t need to. -Hardcore Gamer

All told, River City: Rival Showdown is a worthwhile beat ’em up game, certainly worth the price of admission. Though the oscillating difficulty curve and the ho-hum presentation hold it back from true greatness, this is a game that no beat ’em up fans will want to miss out on, and it also stands as a great entry point for those looking to try out the genre or this particular series. We’d give this one a strong recommendation; between the meaty campaign and the fun side mode, River City: Rival Showdown will likely hold your attention for some time. -Nintendo Life

River City: Rival Showdown is definitely one of the best entries in the long-running Kunio-kun series. Although Tokyo Rumble offers a bit more of a robust package, what’s here is sure to provide hours of beat ’em up fun. -Video Chums

Gameplay Video

Licensed to and Published by Natsume Inc. ©ARC SYSTEM WORKS

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