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Game Overview

Monsters? Don’t hide… Ride!

When a monster strikes, the fearful hide, but the brave? They ride. Venture into monster nests to collect eggs and hatch a wide array of species with uniquely powerful skills. Form teams, battle alongside them, crush opponents with combo attacks, and ride into the sunset a champion. Need more muscle? Then mix and match genes to create monsters with more abilities!

When a monster infected by the Black Blight attacks your remote village of riders, tragedy will thrust you into an exciting yet dangerous world, where you must bond with monsters on your adventure. As the story snakes along, you’ll encounter a wealth of side quests and hours of challenging turn-based battles where you must coordinate monster skills, rider skills and enemy attack patterns. The instinctive rock-paper-scissors combat system is a series first, a breath of fresh air for veterans and newcomers alike. It’s the perfect entry point into the popular Monster Hunter universe and a game unlike anything else in the series! You can even battle other players online, locally, or via the StreetPass™ feature!

  • A vast world filled with uniquely skilled monsters to hatch, ride, and fight beside
  • Form a team of monsters and execute powerful combo attacks
  • Every monster’s genes contain a unique set of skills and attributes. Channel genes from one to another to customize your own monster!
  • Varied side quests and challenging battles bolster hours of gameplay
  • The first ever turn-based battles in Monster Hunter series history!

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: Sep 08, 2017
  • No. of Players: To be determined
  • Category: Role-Playing, Action, Adventure
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Capcom



Monster Hunter Stories is an excellent adventure that channels the colourful world of Capcom’s storied series into a joyous JRPG. It suffers from performance issues on non-New 3DS hardware, but it’s still full of personality, beautifully presented and fun to play, with combat that’s easy to grasp but engaging throughout. Longtime MonHun fans will appreciate Stories as a thoughtfully-made spin-off, but the gameplay template and tone are so different that you don’t need to be familiar with — or even enjoy! — mainline Monster Hunter to have a great time here. Regardless of whether you’ve been hunting Hornetaurs since the beginning or couldn’t tell a Felyne from a Fatalis, Stories is yet another charming 3DS RPG that’s well worth your time. -Nintendo Life

I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed my more than 50 hours with Monster Hunter Stories so far. It effectively eliminates the oh-so-common boring RPG grind, implements a novel turn-based battle system, and sincerely surprises me with seemingly limitless customizability. Though wrapped in a pleasant, sugary coating, Monster Hunter Stories did all of this while retaining the spirit of the Monster Hunter world with some small yet enjoyable nods to fans. I can’t wait to dive back into the endgame and hatch myself a Kirin. -IGN

Monster Hunter Stories provides fresh air to the Monster Hunter saga with a formula in which humor, turn-based fighting and raising Monsties are the main components. Might not work for bitter fans, but if you are looking for a casual and fun JRPG or you have never played a Monster Hunter game, you’ll love it. -Hobby Consolas

Monster Hunter Stories was a very enjoyable adventure, but the battle system let it down. With all the improvements made to make the game pop, the battles feel shallow during the campaign. You are asked to make a boring leap of faith in the hopes of finding rewards. Everything else about the game works. Exploring the world hasn’t been better than this and the style just pops on the Nintendo 3DS. Newcomers and veterans alike will find a lot to love, but also need to go in with lowered expectations about the combat. -NintendoWorldReport

Whether you enjoy raising monsters, slaying them, or adventuring across vast lands with your pals, you’ll find something to hold your attention in this game, and who knows? You may even come to find yourself loving every little bit of this adventure. -Digitally Downloaded

The series’ monster and equipment design has always been high-quality, but the cartoonish presentation of Stories simplifies the art style without losing any of its flair. -Stevivor

Gameplay Video

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