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Game Overview

The five rings that protect the world have been scattered after five sorceresses attempted to release the Demon King.

They who can find the five rings and restore the barrier on the Dragon’s Fang shall be richly rewarded.Today, many adventurers pass through the gates of Trangelda, their true motives hidden within their hearts.

Elminage Original is an atmospheric, dungeon RPG where players assemble a band of adventures and embark to conquer dungeons and recover the rings!

The five rings lie in dungeons across the world throughout temples, caverns and forests, their locations randomly placed when starting a game. Earn Fame by completing events and infuse it into a compass to track where the rings are hidden.

Hordes of monsters lie in wait throughout the dungeons, some of them so huge they cannot fit on the screen. Create powerful adventures and level up to progress deeper into the dungeons and face stronger foes.

Choose from a total of 16 classes of adventurers, including the more unusual “servant” in addition to the traditional fighters, mages and samurai classes. Nine races, gender, age, and nature, parameters allow players to customize their own powerful characters. Learn 72 different spells under the mage, cleric, and alchemy lines and cast unique spells from your very own characters.

Your very own epic adventure awaits you!

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: Aug 10, 2017
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Role-Playing, Adventure, Fighting, Action
  • Publisher: Ninja Games Japan
  • Developer: Starfish



When it comes to dungeon crawlers, this is one very strange yet intriguing beast. Hints to quests and other necessary information are freely available to the player, but coming to grips with everything else can be troublesome. For the crowd that loves building legendary heroes from nothing, this game is ceaselessly entertaining. Not everyone will have the patience for the grind, especially when their hard-earned level-ups turn out to be massively disappointing. In the long run, this is a small price to pay. There is so much to see and slaughter that time is liable to lose all meaning. Minutes, hours, and days alike will pass as if they never actually occurred. Perhaps this is less a recommendation and more a warning. Elminage Original is dangerously addictive. -Cubed3

A classic reborn with updated graphics for the Nintendo 3DS. Very old school like Wizardry or Might & Magic and nostalgic. I excpected a better story, but gameplay-wise it contains all that I love in old school RPGs.

Elminage Original is a really solid Wizardry clone. It’s *very* similar to Wizardry 1-5, but with modern sensibilities and graphics.

  • Difficulty curve is reasonable. Gentler than some dungeon crawlers.
  • There is very little instruction in the game itself, so you may want to look up some GameFAQs threads / wikis to help understand some of the classes and core mechanics.
  • The translation is frequently wonky in ways that really matter. For instance “MP dropped to 1” really means “MP dropped *by* 1” which is much less frightening 🙂 But on the whole it’s not a problem.
  • The game has a fun, if mild, sense of humor that permeates a lot of quests and dialog.

Gameplay Video

©2017 STARFISH-SD Inc.
Published by Ninja Games Japan Corporation.

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