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Game Overview

With VoxelMaker you have both 3D canvas and camera in your hands: be inspired and create!

Create 3D models of your own design! Voxel models are made from 3D cubes and create a stylised “blocky” look – like 3D pixel art.

VoxelMaker’s fully-featured model editor makes use of both buttons and touch controls, allowing you to cut, copy and paste part of your model to move, rotate or duplicate sections with ease. You can also insert text, create, edit and save your own color schemes, and more. Finally, use your Nintendo 3DS™ to display 3D images of your scenes in the upper screen and then save them to your Screenshot Album, or share them on Miiverse.

With VoxelMaker, you have both a 3D canvas and camera in your hands: be inspired and create!

  • Create 3D models using a full-featured model editor
  • Use buttons and the touch screen to edit your model and set up your scene
  • View your art in 3D in the upper screen while editing in the lower screen
  • Export your model to SD card in .vmk (VoxelMaker) or .vox (MagicaVoxel) format
  • Save scenes to your Screenshot Album, or share them on Miiverse

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: Aug 03, 2017
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Education, Puzzles
  • Publisher: Nostatic Software, LLC
  • Developer: Nostatic Software, LLC



If you’ve been searching for a program that’ll help hone your voxel art making techniques, then look no further. VoxelMaker presents an in depth but easy to use set of tools that allow players to create whatever they set their minds to, and the GamePad makes this whole process go over very smoothly. However, the fact that these models are just for show means that only artistic types will find any sort of long term enjoyment out of this. Overall we do recommend VoxelMaker; despite its lack of interactivity, it features a diverse set of tools that will bring creative gamers virtually endless entertainment. -nintendolife

Gameplay Video

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